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Jasper Thomas aka DJ Ovadose is the youngest and most popular DJ in The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Jasper started off in this field at the age of 11; from then on he has been constantly perfecting his craft. At 12 years old he created his very own online radio station, "Ovadose Radio", which gained a huge following amongst his peers. With his popularity rapidly growing, traditional school was becoming difficult. School administrators complained that eager students would flock to his classroom daily to come and socialize. With so many things going on, Jasper's parents decided to enroll him into a home school. Jasper's father who is a marketing representative introduced him to a local programming director who saw something special in him and decided to give him a chance.

He was the youngest DJ to mix live on a local radio station. DJ Ovadose was then given a segment to mix live, where once again he excelled. These breaks brought new opportunities and without hesitation, he took advantage of them. From thereon, his career has been on a constant rise locally and internationally.

The past years have been more than eventful for DJ Ovadose. In 2015, a fan's mother in Antigua flew him down for her daughters huge "sweet 16" birthday bash. He wowed hundreds of party-goers in one of the hottest night clubs on the island. They wanted to hire him but didn't realize his age. That same year, a local tuxedo company booked him as a male model and the face of their prom line. Weeks later, Colina Insurance would request him to play at The Ranfurly Home’s Back to School event. He then continued to volunteer with the home during their annual raffles and play basketball with the young boys. Basketball is his love even though he loves deejaying.

By the time 2016 rolled around, DJ Ovadose was on fire. Promoters for the annual Survival weekend event reached out for DJ Ovadose. Realizing the social media following he possessed would aid in attracting a bigger crowd and it did. Once again he amazed locals and tourist with his talent. Throughout the year, he also was afforded the opportunity to travel around his own country, with calls coming in from almost every island. To say he was busy would be a great understatement. The nature of the jobs he took on varied from being the official deejay of St Johns annual Mardi Gras, to the official deejay of the Miss Teen Bahamas competition. He is the designated DJ for St Anne's, SAC, and St. Andrew's school dances. He also did proms for many prominent high schools. In November 2016, Jasper was junior face for Alcatel Pixie brand. Early 2017, he opened for Hip Hop artist, Wale.

All of success Jasper experienced, compelled him to use is popularity and voice. He cranked out numerous PSA (Public Service Announcements) inclusive of Anti Bullying, Anti Drugs and Autism Awareness. This may seem like a lot to some and rightfully it is, but what was even more impressive was the fact that not only was Jasper excelling in his craft but his academic grade point average was also on a rise. So much, that he skipped grade 11 and was promoted to the 12th grade. Now at a ripe old age of 16 Jasper is doing well in his final year of school, he holds the position of President of the Interact Club, where he spoke about the topic of Entrepreneurship. He also is student council president.


In 2017 and 2018, DJ Ovadose won a Bahamian Icon award for Outstanding Rising star and Elevation Award for People’s Choice Award. In 2018 and 2019, he traveled to South Carolina, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami for Carnivals and The Bahamas Carnival in May 2018. He has been to various Caribbean islands for events. He has done Trinidad Carnival and many other cities in the United States.


In 2020, he brought his online radio back to life. During this pandemic, “OvadoseRadio” was relaunched and in a month’s time has over 3 million listeners. He has brought on many celebrity Deejays who have collaborated to keep the world entertained.


In the short years, Jasper's achievements have also grown. He knows it is a long road ahead of him but with patience, practice and a strong belief in God, he realizes that anything is possible. He could not be more thrilled of what the future has installed for him. He’s happy for all of his accomplishments and lives by the mantra “Work smart not hard, don’t be good be great and if you keep God first you will be infinitely blessed”.


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